BMW Performance – Power Kit (N55 Engine)

N55 Power Kit

Circle BMW is pleased to announce the availability of a Power Kit for 135i and 335i vehicles produced from March 2010 with the N55 engine! This Power Kit includes a software upgrade to increase power output, an auxiliary water cooler and a more powerful radiator fan to increase engine cooling capacity.

BMW Power Kits are the only form of “tuning kits” approved and covered under the BMW of North America limited warranty. Power Kits are designed and tested by BMW engineers to provide the highest power increase without sacrificing reliability.

Product Highlights/Benefits:

Additional air ducts are also required. Please refer to the EPC to ensure that the correct part numbers are ordered. A CARB label is not required for vehicles equipped with the N55 engine.

Power Kits are also available for 135i, 335i (produced prior to March 2010) and X6 vehicles (produced prior to April 2010).

Power Kits should only be installed on vehicles equipped with option code S840 (increased top speed limiter – which includes an additional oil cooler). Do not install the Power Kit on vehicles without this option code.