BMW Smartphone Integration Snap-In Adapters

BMW Smart Phone

BMW has made a number of Snap-In Adapters available for select Smartphone’s, including Apple® and Blackberry® devices.

For vehicles equipped with the Smartphone integration option (SA 6NF) or BMW Apps (SA 6NR), a snapin adapter is required to dock a phone and utilize these options.

For vehicles not equipped with SA 6NF or 6NR, a base plate and snap-in adapter may still be installed (except E8x 1 Series), albeit with slightly different functionality.

The newly available Music version adapters for iPhone3GS & iPhone4 are necessary for full operation of the BMW Apps option (SA 6NR). For more information on BMW Apps

Using a Smartphone with a Snap-in Adapter requires 3 items:
1. Base plate – Supplied with SA 6NF/6NR or dealer installed for select vehicles
2. Snap-in Adapter – Available as a accessory, PN listed below
3. Compatible Smartphone – Supplied by the customer

Snap-in Adapters are available in 3 distinct versions: NOTE: The Media version is the type required to utilize BMW Apps (SA 6NR) if the vehicle is so equipped. This adapter (iPhone3GS & iPhone4) incorporates a fan to reduce the likelihood of the iPhone going into failsafe mode, which prevents it from charging properly.

Which type of Snap-in Adapter does my car need?

Baseplate Retrofit Smartphone integration (SA6NF) BMW Apps (SA 6NR) Model Year All Model Years Model Year 2006‐2010 Model Year 2011 + Model Year 2011 + SIA Type Phone Music Media Media

Product Highlights:

All Snap-in Adapters provide the following benefits: The Music Snap-in Adapter adds: The Media Snap-in Adapter includes the same as the Music, plus: Retrofitting a Snap-in Adapter Base Plate:

For those vehicles not equipped with a base plate via SA 6NF/6NR, many of them have the ability to have a base plate retrofitted. When performing this retrofit, only the Phone version or the Snap-in Adapter may be used. The base plate may be installed on the following vehicles:
E90,91,92,93(3 Series)
E60,61(5 Series)
E63,64(6 Series)
F07(5 Series GT)
F10(5 Series)

Parts Information:

DescriptionSnap‐in AdapterType Part Number
Apple® iTouchMusic84 21 2 162 534
Apple® iPhonePhone84 10 9 182 792
Apple® iPhoneMusic84 10 9 164 213
Apple® iPhone 3G/3GSPhone84 21 2 158 682
Apple® iPhone 3G/3GSMusic84 21 2 158 683
Apple® iPhone 3G/3GS*Media84 21 2 218 391
Apple® iPhone 4Phone84 21 2 199 389
Apple® iPhone 4MusicCOMING SOON
Apple® iPhone 4Media84 21 2 218 390
Blackberry® Pearl 8100, 8110, 8120Phone84 21 0 439 151
Blackberry® Curve 8300, 8310, 8320Phone84 21 0 445 596
Blackberry® Curve 8900Phone84 21 2 157 558
Blackberry® Bold 9000Phone84 21 2 154 663
Blackberry® Pearl 9100/9105Phone84 21 2 199 395
Blackberry® Bold 9700Phone84 21 2 179 637
MOTOROLA® V600, V635Phone84 21 0 307 726
MOTOROLA® RAZRPhone84 21 0 415 023
MOTOROLA® V8, V9mPhone84 21 0 442 784
MOTOROLA® Z3/Z6Phone84 21 0 442 786

* BMW Apps currently works with the iPhone3GS and iPhone4. Therefore this adapter can only be used with an iPhone 3G phone for cars with SA6NF.

Note: Phone versions of the Snap-in Adapters may be used in any vehicle with a base plate, but do not connect through the USB port, and as such, will not allow the transfer of music. Similarly, if the vehicle was produced up to 9/2010 (10/2010 for X5/X6) and equipped with SA 6NF, only a Music Snap-in may be used to allow the transfer of music while vehicles from 9/2010 production (10/2010 for X5/X6) must use a Media Snap-in to allow the transfer of music. Recommended installation time: No installation required for Snap-in Adapters. Refer to the installation instructions for base plate installations.